My own little tropical paradise in my balcony...

If you recently watched my InstaStories I showcased our apartment balcony. It's been years in the making... I mean, let me be honest, it's the first apartment with such a large space. I had purchased the lounge chairs and table my first year in Tampa, and now I recently added all the other details, in a span of 3 days! I consider myself a bargain shopper and you guys know that I will browse and look until I find the best price yet!

The patio furniture is no longer for sale, but I have linked some similar furniture. I found very similar chairs, like almost identical on Amazon.

The great thing about these chairs, they are lounge chairs meaning that you can adjust your back seat as you'd like. I usually lay it down whenever I sit outside with a book.

The patio furniture below is from TJMaxx. Now, this is a complete set that includes the table. The only thing I do not like is the fact that the chairs are not adjustable and that the chairs also do not have arm rests. Now, remember that this is based on my own opinion, you can definitely adjust it to your liking. I was going for a more tropical vibe. I have to say that these chairs are extremely uncomfortable, hence the yellow cushions on mine. I did yellow to brighten the place up and to break out from the palm tree print.

I added little details as the time went on... like a week ago really. The first thing I found was the Green Fern Leaf outdoor rug from Kirkland's which is on sale for $22.49. If you have never been to Kirkland's it is home heaven! The next thing I looked for was for the accent pillows. I thought about a print other than palm trees, even a solid color, but then I found the pillows at Homegoods for $10 each and I knew I had to buy them because they were a steal! Unfortunately, Homegoods do not sell online, but TJMaxx does, so I have linked the pillows to the TJMaxx website. There are a bunch of pillows to choose from. The other thing I got from Homegoods was the outdoor lighting. Like I mentioned above, Homegoods do not have a website to purchase products, but I have found a ton of lanterns on the TJMaxx website! (It pays to be shoportunistic)

The green leaf is actually an outdoor placemat! Could you believe that? I went over to World Market for the first time this week and I completely fell in love with the store. I adored everything about it from the home decor, to the patio furniture, the winery and the market side of it. You name it, they have it. While browsing through the store I found the placemat and thought it would be the perfect addition to the tropical vibe I was going for. I did purchased it by itself and online they have it as a set of four for under $10!

Lastly, I added the yellow cushions to the mix. The cushions are from the one and only Walmart. I have to say that I am starting to purchase things at walmart that are not produce. They have upped their game in the home and women's fashion departments. The Walmart at Wesley Chapel had an extensive variety of colors and cushions to choose from based on the type of furniture you own. Each of the cushions were under $10. Brûlée and I love spending time out here. I call this my thinking/reading nook and Brûlée calls it her sightseeing nook. She loves to lay out here, feel the breeze and look out to the surroundings. Everything here came out to a total of $59. That is not counting the chairs and the table that I that time I spent $125 for the set! I cannot wait to host parties at home and share my piece of paradise with family and friends!


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