So as wedding planning takes a toll, planning my outfits for the events leading up to the wedding is very important, from engagement party dress, to the bachelorette, bridal shower and the rehearsal dinner. For me, these dresses are as important as your wedding dress, this is the pre-amble to THE day. I have put together a couple of dresses based on the occasion. Let me be clear, I did not have an engagement party, but I am already planning the dresses I will be using for my bachelorette dinner, my bridal shower and my rehearsal dinner dress (which is in the works). These looks are all under $100, making them a steal, specially for brides on a budget or that do not want to break the bank.

These are my picks for you. Needless to say, all the dresses are from Lulu's, one of my favorite, go-to online shops.

Bachelorette Party Dresses

Bridal Shower/Engagement Party Dress

Rehearsal Dinner Dress


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