Hey Friends!!! If you were browsing my Instagram and saw my most recent post, you've probably heard the news!!!! Yes, we did the damn thing and purchased our first home. We closed on Monday, March 2nd!!!!! It has been the longest secret I've ever kept from my family, friends and followers. I wanted to make sure everything went smoothly until we closed on the house.

To be honest, buying a house was the last thing on our minds... Jorge's parents came over to visit last May and they wanted to look at communities where they would like to retire, so we went house hunting with them. It intrigued us and we really didn't start talking about it until July-August 2019. We did our homework as to where we wanted to locate ourselves in Tampa, where would we get the most equity in the long run, the school zones and the crime rate in the surrounding areas. Those are really valuable components when it comes to buying a house. Some people take a lot of time looking for that perfect area and we just happened to find it within weeks.

Now when we first started looking, we were wanting to go with a house that was already built, but we then noticed that there were so many changes that we wanted to make to them that we were better off finding a builder and just starting from scratch. So that's what we did, we looked into DR Horton, MI Homes, Beazer Homes and Ryan Homes. They are all great builders and they have all great perks but we ultimately decided on Ryan Homes, based on the upgrade fees they were giving us and the closing costs. Everyone has their own opinions, so look into what is it exactly what you want. We also wanted a smaller home since it is just us two and baby Brew, we wanted an open floor plan. So on August 28, 2019 we signed our contract and construction was underway. Here are some pictures of the building process.


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